New Year, New Copywriting…..

I had to write the date for the first time yesterday, it feels really surreal to be in 2015. Aren’t we all supposed to be living like the Jetsons now? In fact, the Jetsons was probably set back in 1999, must check. Anyway – I’ve been concentrating on my copywriting recently. Since our relocation to Middle Earth, sorry Somerset, I’ve been planning to spend more time writing. I had imagined commandeering the summerhouse at the bottom of the garden, whiling away the afternoons bashing out a work of stellar fiction on my battered typewriter (I don’t own a typewriter) with only a mug of cooling tea and the cat for company. This hasn’t quite happened – it’s bloody freezing in the summerhouse and there are spiders in residence. Lots of spiders. And some mould.

However, I have been writing AND getting paid for it. Which is a fantastic feeling. Frome isn’t exactly Radio Central and as a result I’ve been diversifying my broadcasting skills and affording my love of language some gainful employment. It’s been a gradual process which began with my better half asking my advice on his own copy (he’s a graphic designer). I’ve now worked on a few websites for new businesses and am relishing the process of learning a clients brand personality and then translating that into the language we use to represent them. It’s a massive plus to meet and collaborate with some hugely talented people (have a look at the work I did for Another favourite so far was for Minerva Nannies ( I worked directly with the client, writing at my kitchen table and I’m really pleased with the result. Oh, and I did my first travel writing as well –

I’m sure my big novel is in there somewhere. In the meantime though, there’s more copywriting in the pipeline for 2015 (2015 – my jetpack must surely be arriving any day) and I’m looking forward to sharing when it’s in the bag. Happy New Year!


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