From Jane Asher to Bollo @ BBC Bristol

Just spent the last couple of weeks freelancing as producer of the Afternoon Show for BBC Bristol and Somerset, working with lovely presenter extraordinaire, Elise Rayner. We were pretty busy and inundated with interview offers – including one for Bollo from the Mighty Boosh (had to turn down sadly in favour of Jane Asher- comedy apes are  not for the target audience it would appear!) Still, I had the opportunity to chat with some incredible people and discover some great new artists. The James Low Western Front – ( and Ryan Bingham ( in particular come highly recommended. My favourite guest? Newsround legend John Craven. Such a truly lovely man.

My last day coincided with the final preparations for this years Children in Need appeal. A good chance for us BBC employees to focus on something positive after a torrid few weeks, and for me personally a chance to buy my daughter some Pudsey ears. My mum sent me a text on tuesday saying ‘Hang on in there – you might be DG by the end of the week’. Hmmm……




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